We combine an innovative data-focused approach to connect businesses with the right customers through our custom in-house data platforms and stewardship of iconic internet brands.


The Story

Since its commercial inception in the mid 90s, the Internet made it possible to access fast, immediate, and up-to-date information on virtually any subject. We recognized early that the digital era made possible by the Internet was here to stay and that the customer shift from traditional print media to electronic media would change the business landscape, and the physics of business, forever. To that end, we’ve worked hard on cultivating the best in consumer and enterprise technology brands that cater to the end-user.

BIZX has worked with us to make sure they fully understand our target audience and to find ways for us to get our content syndication programs to the right people. They communicate extremely well on the campaign’s progress, and on the activities that they pursue to put our content out to their audience. They work with us to make sure they deliver the leads that they have guaranteed. BIZX makes communication and follow-ups easy, it’s great that we can rely on them for campaign updates.
— David Taylor, Digital Media Specialist, SherWeb

What We Bring To The Table

  • Roughly 40 million monthly visitors to our network of technology websites

  • Iconic tech brands known and loved by virtually everyone in the tech world

  • State of the art advertising and lead generation tools, including our custom in-house data platform, Passport

  • An ever-growing team of the most highly talented people in enterprise technology

  • Innovative review and comparison shopping platforms for businesses and consumers

  • Nearly two decades worth of happy clients and users

  • A growth mindset. We’re always looking to acquire new and interesting technology assets

  • Enthusiasm for what we do