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BIZX sites Voipreview.org, MyVoipProvider.com and TheDigest.com are simply put; the authority sites for VoIP and telecom.

We believe business owners and consumers should have access to reputable, informative websites that assist in making educated buying decisions for their telecommunications needs. That's why we have put together our family of high-profile telecom and VoIP related websites that allow consumers in the buying mode to easily compare services plans and have access to customer reviews and feedback.

We partner with service providers of all sizes and geographical locations and offer a variety of programs tailored to maximize new customer conversion. Our industry authority websites dominate the organic search engine results for VoIP and telecom related terms making powerful lead generation sources. In addition, we offer PPC and fixed ad placements under various arrangements for a cost effective solution to building a strong Internet presence with a highly targeted audience. Voipreview.org and MyVoipProvider.com are also quickly growing into the international markets allowing us to further bridge the gap between consumer and provider on a global scale.

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