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BIZX, LLC is an online publisher of leading local travel & tourism web sites serving hundreds of popular domestic and international travel destinations such as New York City, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Chicago, Cape Cod, Boston, Hawaii, San Francisco, Cocoa Beach FL and more.  We provide a professional, high traffic online local venue in which hotels, resorts, vacation rental companies, tour & sightseeing operators, restaurants, nightlife spots, entertainment acts, shows, theaters, real estate agents, transportation companies, wedding service providers and others can directly advertise their services, immediately reach potential customers and get results through increased occupancy and sales.  We work directly with our customers and/or the advertising agencies that represent them.  We are not a booking engine service company and do not remarket our client’s inventory on a wholesale basis.  We work on a direct advertising basis and assist our clients in generating real and immediate revenue for their business.

BIZX sites are typically ranked high in the natural, organic search results for the most searched and relevant terms on the largest search engines and directories such as Google, MSN, AOL and Yahoo!.  In fact, in many cities or markets our family of sites might occupy 3 or 4 of the top search engine organic listings for popular search terms. Our high organic search rankings equates to relevant viewers and sales to advertisers.  Many of our sites have been on the Internet actively serving viewers since the mid-late 1990’s

Advertising options include several styles of creative advertising including graphic and text ads.  Pricing options include both pay per click and fixed price plans designed to provide an affordable and flexible advertising median for all types and sizes of local properties with various budgets and marketing priorities.  Advertising on our sites is cost effective and produces consistent results with a positive ROI. 

Unique Viewer Traffic Means Business to BIZX Advertisers

Site traffic ranges from site to site.  For example, our popular New York site,, has been online since 1996 and reaches approximately 1,000,000 unique monthly viewers and serves over 5 million page views per month. Our highly ranked sites in smaller markets like Palm Springs or Cocoa Beach produce significant visitor counts.

Our Travel Sites and Search Engine Exposure Brings “Ready & Willing Buyers” to our Advertisers

Our experienced staff of site engineers continually update and optimize our sites for quality, updated content, optimum search engine placement and relevant viewer traffic...  all with the objective of delivering highly relevant “ready and willing buyers” to our sites on behalf of our advertising customers that convert to revenue.

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