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For years people used the Internet to simply find “things”, research “stuff”, review products etc.  But when consumers decided the Internet was here to stay and they could trust the companies selling their wares on line, the game changed forever. 

The online credit market was one beneficiary to the change.  The credit market, which includes sites in the credit card, credit scoring, credit repair and loan segments, has experienced a boom in past years with no sign of letting up.  “People want to shop online in the privacy of their own homes for more than just the basics.  They want to read objective, high quality, expert reviews & research and they want information presented in a way they can understand it quickly and efficiently.  As a web media company, if you can do that well, customers will reward you with their business”, said Roger Sheppard, President of Bizx, LLC. is a site that connect people looking for small, short term loans (sometimes referred to as “payday loans”) with a network of loan providers. saves customers time and makes it possible for them to  reach lenders they may otherwise not know exist.

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