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Year over year consumers rely on the Internet in increasing numbers to make purchases.  Consumers are also becoming increasingly savvy and expect web sites to be deep in content and expert in their industry.   That’s why Bizx focuses on delivering superior content to its site viewers every day as, according to Bizx President Roger Sheppard, “when we do, site viewers reward us by coming back to our sites time and time again.  Site advertisers love us because our viewers are highly qualified and convert well above the industry norm.”, for example, helps consumers sift through confusing product and service options in rapidly changing industries such as cellular phones, satellite TV, telecom and credit cards.  Consumers know how hard and time consuming it is to compare plans, features and prices and appreciate an industry expert that can help them save time and money. 

Another Bizx site,, has expanded its reach beyond just consumer products but its roots are providing industry options and expertise to consumers of Residential VoIP services.   Consumers spend millions and millions of dollars on home phone service and has helped consumers save some of those millions by switching to a residential VoIP service that years ago was only available to sophisticated businesses.

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