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We are a leading digital media company with a passion for the web

As a leading digital media company, we publish hundreds of popular web sites and provide advertising solutions for multiple industries such as travel & tourism, telecommunications, personal finance, credit, business products and more.

We provide cost-effective advertising solutions to small-medium sized businesses, larger mutlinational brands and advertising agencies.  Hundreds of advertisers trust and rely on our sites to reach their target market consumer and view our sites as massive "lead funnels" that are essential to meeting their sales & revenue goals.   

Since its commercial inception in the mid 1990’s, the Internet made it possible to access fast, immediate and up-to-date information on virtually any subject.  We recognized early that the digital era made possible by the Internet was here to stay and that the customer shift from traditional print media to electronic media would change the business landscape, and the physics of business, in many industries forever.

Our roots began in the travel & tourism sector when a hotel owner in Lake Tahoe told us that a local Lake Tahoe travel site was increasingly generating a significant amount of his site traffic and overall sales revenue.  Not only that, but occupancy was increasing in ways he could never have imagined previously using coupons and newspapers as his primary marketing channels.  Shortly after, Bizx, LLC was formed (we bought the Lake Tahoe site) and rapidly built a portfolio of leading travel & tourism sites through our own internal development and a series of site acquisitions.  Today, we own and publish scores of popular travel & tourism sites in travel destinations such as Lake Tahoe, New York City, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Orlando, Chicago, Cape Cod, Boston, Hawaii, San Francisco, Cocoa Beach Florida, London, Paris, Canada, Mexico and numerous other destination markets.

A significant shift was also rapidly occurring in the Telecom & VoIP markets.  Buyers were using the Internet in massively increased numbers to research options on telecom products, services and service and hardware providers.  BIZX quickly responded to this need and the increased demand for new technologies such as VoIP (Voice Internet Protocol).  Site viewers told us they wanted several things… immediate access to up to date product, service and provider options and help figuring out what the most appropriate and economic solutions were that best fit their needs.  Over the years BIZX has built software and proprietary technology to meet those needs and to match willing, ready to buy site viewers with quality product and service providers qualified to meet those needs.

Over time BIZX has expanded into other markets such as Business Services and Health & Wellness that deliver value and solve similar problems for site viewers and that also provide a cost effective online median for site advertisers to reach informed, educated and relevant buyers.

As a growing company, our focus is on delivering value to our site viewers and site advertisers.  BIZX sites are typically ranked high in the natural, organic search results for the most searched and relevant terms on the largest search engines and directories such as Google, MSN, AOL and Yahoo!.  Our staff of talented, expert site engineers works hard to continuously expand our site presence on the search engines and also other industry publications.  Many of our leading sites have been on the Internet actively serving viewers since the mid-late 1990’s and our high organic search rankings equates to relevant viewers and cost effective sales to advertisers.

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