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As a leading digital media company, we publish hundreds of popular web sites and provide advertising solutions for multiple industries such as travel & tourism, telecommunications, personal finance, credit, business products and more.

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BIZX, LLC is an online publisher of leading local travel & tourism web sites serving hundreds of popular domestic and international travel destinations such as New York City, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Chicago, Cape Cod, Boston, Hawaii, San Francisco...

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BIZX sites Voipreview.org, MyVoipProvider.com and TheDigest.com are simply put; the authority sites for VoIP and telecom.

We believe business owners and consumers should have access to reputable, informative websites that assist in making educated buying decisions for their...

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BIZX owns and operates some of the most respected  personal finance websites online today. Consumer information and comparison sites like MyRatePlan.com use interactive tools, SEO marketing and social media to match users with the products they're precisely interested in purchasing.


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The Bizx family of web properties include several Business Services sites including 123Business.com, Voip-Catalog.com and others. 

123Business.com is an increasingly expanding one-stop resource for businesses to review and purchase business services and products designed to help their...

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Year over year consumers rely on the Internet in increasing numbers to make purchases.  Consumers are also becoming increasingly savvy and expect web sites to be deep in content and expert in their industry.   That’s why Bizx focuses on delivering superior content to its site viewers every day...

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For years people used the Internet to simply find “things”, research “stuff”, review products etc.  But when consumers decided the Internet was here to stay and they could trust the companies selling their wares on line, the game changed forever. 

The online credit market was one...

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